The 10 Best Free Screenshot Software for Windows You Should Know About

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There’s always more than one way to try and take a screenshot on your computer, with some offering more added functionalities than the others. But to get to the best free screen capture software for Windows 10, one must dare weigh the pros and cons of some free screen tools offered by Microsoft Windows 10. You really only need one screenshot tool for your PC, and that has to be the best free screen capture tool known to man. With that being said, let’s get on with the list of free screenshot tools that you’d surely adore!

1. ShareX

ShareX logo by ShareX

This free and open-source screen capture tool maximizes a person’s need to upload things, as it primarily works as a capture software with easy upload functionality.  Its major features are capturing with annotation along with automation allowing powerful workflows, capturing screenshots, editing said screenshots, converting to PNG format, deleting the background to make a transparent version, saving in Google Drive, creating images in all sizes, or uploading thumbnails. Nifty. 

2. Awesome Screenshot 

Awesome Screenshot Logo by Awesome Screenshot

This screen capture software comes in the form of a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome, with it capturing the visible section in the browser window or the complete web page in one go. The software even goes as far as to offer editing – letting you add some shapes, pointers, blurs, and annotations to your screenshot. This software also allows customizable keyboard shortcuts, saving in JPG or PNG, and a free cloud storage space to top everything off.

3. Greenshot

Greenshot – Free Screen Capture App by DimusTech

This user-friendly open-source and free screen capture tool is as straightforward as it gets – especially with its layout that’s super easy to understand. Among its other features are the option to annotate, highlight, and blur screenshots, the ability to capture the entire page in one single image by scrolling through the page (instead of simply capturing a portion of the page), selecting a captured area by just pressing the print screen button, and a selection tool with a magnifier to make image selections easier than ever.

4. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Capture Logo by Nimbus Web

This browser extension is another charmer that can take screenshots of the full browser window or even a selected section of the webpage or the entire webpage. If you want, you may also edit and annotate screenshots using its integrated tools. Along with this, you can also get print-outs of images, save images to the system drive or clipboard, upload to cloud storage, and share them easily. The desktop app includes screencasting features for those who wish to record video clips.

5. FireShot

Making full web page screenshots with FireShot Pro by FireShot Addon

This screen capture software works as a browser extension. It allows for the capture of a selected section of the page, an extended screenshot of an entire web page, or across the visible area of the browser window. It also allows you to save the screenshots in multiple formats, add arrows, shapes, or text, or even draw over the images using the software’s internal editor, or create a shortcut so it would immediately open your preferred editor once you take the screen capture. The only caveat: there’s a free version, but you need to pay $39.95 to unlock all features in the Pro version. 

6. Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor by uptodown

This aesthetically pleasing screen grab tool doesn’t dent your wallet and is filled to the brim with features. It offers a multitude of screen capture options and integrated editing tools while also allowing the users to take screenshots from the complete screen, active window, selected section, or even from a scanner. When you get the image, you can opt to apply different effects such as crop, rotate, blur, or even annotating the images. 

7. SnapCrab

SnapCrab by Softonic 

This screen capture tool makes sure to take any snap on your desktop, allowing you to save it as a JPEG, PNG, or GIF. The software also supports capturing translucent windows and web pages from your browser by connecting via Sleipnir. It also has a self-timer option that helps you keep track of things that are happening, and it also has integrated social features that allow you to share your screen across all social media platforms as a bonus.

8. Snipaste

Snipaste by Snipaste

This free multi-purpose screen grab tool offers the convenience of capturing the entire screen or a part of it. Then it lets you annotate, edit, or have it as a floating window over your desktop. It also features a magnifier, a color picker, and the annotation and addition of objects such as shapes, texts, blur effects, and markers.

9. Lightshot

Lightshot tutorial by Lightshot

This easy-to-use and uber-responsive screen grab software only requires two clicks for you to get yourself a proper screengrab. Just press a hotkey, drag through the portion of the screen that you need a copy of, and you’re good to go. It also offers editing, online backup, and link sharing (as long as you create a free account with them)

10. Screenpresso  

Screenpresso by Chrome Web Store

The last tool off of our list is a screen capture tool with editing, easy-to-use functionality, and even video grabbing. The only thing that may hold you back from availing of it is that it’s free for a good while, but when you need to avail yourself of more features, it asks roughly 30 euro for a lifetime subscription.

We hope you had your fill in this quick list of the best screenshot programs for Windows that we have compiled. We’re sure that you’d be able to find one to your liking that you can stick to, so go forth and start screen grabbing!